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Cardiovascular Strength!

Nothing is more vital than heart health when it comes to healthy ageing! A diet high in red fruits and vegetables is the best approach to keep your heart healthy. Unfortunately, most of us are deficient, which can result in a weakened immune system, decreased energy and libido, brain fog, and even high blood pressure.

That’s why we came up with LiveGood Super Reds! Our Organic Super Reds contain the highest amount of fruit and vegetable extracts known to help improve blood flow by increasing our body’s production of Nitric Oxide, boosting blood circulation, supporting brain and cognitive function, sexual health, heart health, immune function, and aiding in the overall health of your body!

Our delicious powder can be consumed with water or mixed with your favourite healthy drink or smoothie at any time of day, with or without food!

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AT LEAST ONCE PER DAY, mix 1 scoop into water or a smoothie.

When to take it: Because we enjoy it so much, we frequently consume two servings of red powder every day. We like to use Organic Super Reds as a pre-workout or afternoon pick-me-up because they help improve Nitric Oxide, which helps increase blood circulation. Consider mixing with the LiveGood Essential Aminos Fruit Punch flavour as a pre-workout for the ultimate pump. It mixes and tastes fantastic with only water on ice, so please consider it as a juice or soda substitute.

1 review for Organic Super Reds

  1. Donkey Donks

    What I love about live good products is they are mainly organic. Like this health supplement super reds, I think people should switch to organic because its better.

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