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At LiveGood, we are exceptionally proud of the fact that we offer nothing but the finest, most natural items available anywhere in the universe. And our CBD Oil exemplifies that to the very highest degree possible. Because they come from hemp that was grown on farms that are in the top 1% nationwide, LiveGood CBD Oils guarantee that each and every drop will provide you with the maximum amount of benefit possible.

The pinnacle of all carrier oils

Although hemp seed oil is used in a lot of CBD products, a lot of the best CBD brands and products around the world are switching to using MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil instead. This is because MCT oil is a much more effective carrier than hemp seed oil.

MCT oil contains more saturated fat than hemp seed oil does, which enables it to carry more CBD molecules and deliver more CBD to our body’s cells for faster absorption and maximum benefit, which you’ll notice from the very first drop! It was previously believed that hemp seed oil was the perfect carrier oil for CBD because it is found in the same plant. However, over the past few years, it has been shown, in fact, that MCT oil has more saturated fat than hemp seed oil.

LiveGood CBD Oil is the best quality CBD Oil available anywhere because it begins with the purest, cleanest raw ingredients and then goes through the most cutting-edge harvesting and extraction procedures on the globe.

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For full effect, take one dropper full by mouth daily.

Amount: The most effective method for determining the appropriate dose of CBD for yourself is to begin with a little amount and gradually increase it. We usually recommend starting with the lowest effective dose, so begin by measuring the amount with the CBD dropper and gradually increase it as necessary.

BEST taken every day.

A helpful hint to boost absorption is to let the oil to lie undisturbed either under the tongue or between the cheek and the gum. Obviously, you shouldn’t fight the urge to swallow; instead, you should just do whatever seems natural.

1 review for CBD Oil 750mg

  1. Kaila White

    I got started on this dosage, the 750mg CBD oil, I liked it but I switched to the 1500mg because I needed more potency for my condition. Still good, but I think the stronger version is better

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