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Your body will receive the MAXIMUM amount of nourishment from LiveGood’s Complete Plant-Based Protein, which is created to be the ULTIMATE protein supplement on the market.

Pea Protein – One of the planet’s most comprehensive sources of plant protein, pea protein has all nine of the essential amino acids that the body requires, as well as branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), such as arginine, which is good for the heart and helps the blood circulate throughout the body. Pea protein has many advantages, including being low in fat and rich in iron.

Organic Hemp Protein – Packed with heart-healthy unsaturated fats, minerals, antioxidants, and fibre, hemp protein supports healthy heart function, lean body mass maintenance, muscle and joint repair, and even cognitive function! Hemp protein is actually a go-to protein for weight control because it helps with inflammation, improves energy, and may even help the immune system!

Fermented Protein – Like all nutrients, protein is only as valuable as your body’s ability to absorb it. Unfortunately, a lot of the proteins available on the market are difficult to digest, which prevents you from benefiting fully from the protein in the food. In addition to aiding the body in maintaining good digestion, our carefully chosen fermented pea protein has been cleaned of all dangerous bacteria and anti-nutrients commonly found in other products on the market. As a result, it is the cleanest, healthiest protein available anywhere.

Amino Acids – Nearly every system in your body depends on amino acids. They aid in the development and expansion of the skin, connective tissues, and muscles. They support maintaining tissue strength and muscle tone. They aid in the recovery and repair of muscles. They aid in giving your body energy. Additionally, they support a healthy digestive system. Your body’s health could be at danger if you don’t get enough amino acids. This product also contains amino acids of the highest quality.

A lot more than simply protein!

Our advantages don’t stop with the best-performing, highest-quality proteins on the planet, though! This product contains 26 vitamins and minerals that are crucial to the wellness of your body. Our Complete Plant-Based Protein POWERS your body in more ways than any other protein on the earth, with everything from Vitamin B for energy generation to Iron for muscle growth to Iodine for metabolism!

As if the advantages weren’t thrilling enough, you can add our delectable vanilla-flavored powder to your favourite smoothie or mix it with water for a nutritious dietary addition at any time of day.


AT LEAST ONCE A DAY, mix 1 scoop with water or your preferred smoothie.

When to eat it: Although some literature suggests taking protein before a workout, most studies recommend having protein within 30 minutes of exercise. We advise doing whatever makes you and your body feel the best. After a workout or simply as a midday snack, we love blending the protein with the LiveGood Super Greens to make a delectable smoothie.

Pro tip: To make dosing on-the-go easier, place the powder in the bottom of a LiveGood Shaker Bottle.

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  1. Nick Gates

    I used this protein with bio-active complete Multi-vitamin for men, and I can say its a good combination. Im a skinny guy and wanted lean mass instead of bulk and this was the perfect protein powder for that.

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