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At LiveGood, every Thursday is payday. There are no complications because your payment is put directly into your nominated bank account.

LiveGood members aren’t required to purchase products to earn income. You could do it though e.g. buy significantly discounted products from LiveGood as a member and offer it at retail prices in person or your store.

Or you can simply give your special link or username to someone and when they purchase, you get a percentage of the total sale. Read below “How Do I Earn From Selling LiveGood products”.

You can earn income from referring new customers who buy LiveGood products using your special link or username. E.g. Our special link or username is JoinUp, here is our special shop link from LiveGood:

If you get a new customer who pays the Retail price for a product of $24 and the Member price is $16, the difference between the Member price and the Retail price is $8. At the 50% commission level, you would earn $4 on that person’s purchase. You must give your potential customers your special link or username in order to earn your $4 commission.

No. LiveGood does not offer Autoshipping. The main benefit of LiveGood is it’s cheap monthly membership which provides consumers discounted health products. If and when LiveGood provides Autoshipment, we will update you and this website.

Health and wellness are the focus of Live Good. They own the most exciting new business prospect for 2023, in my opinion. They offer affordable wellness, beauty, weight-loss, and other products. Mushrooms, green tea, maca, and organic coffee are all ingredients in their healthy coffee product. You’re not required to buy anything, but if you do, membership gets you 80% off the list price.

LiveGood is a company geared towards sharing its health and beauty products all the while sharing its profits to its members. To join and become an affiliate, it only costs $49.95 for the first month and $9.95 thereafter. The absence of auto-ships and sales goals makes the company incredibly alluring.

Once you become a member, you get access to discounted products and you are provided a special link or username which you choose that you provide to potential consumers later on to receive earnings.

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