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Buy health & wellness products at cheap retail prices + if you become a member, you get even more discounts for a low monthly cost from LiveGood. Members can also earn money from us for promoting our products. Become a member today by clicking join now below.

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Shipping Is Between $8 - $20 Depending On Country And Weight

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100% Guarantee Or We Refund The Total Cost Of Your Order

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We Offer Products At The Lowest Prices + Join To Save More or Earn

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No Questions Asked, We Refund Unsatisfied Customers

Best Selling Products

LiveGood Leaf
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If you are looking to buy from LiveGood as a retail customer or member, this is for you.

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If you wan't to become a member of LiveGood to get discounts or to earn from us, this is for you.

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LiveGood Leaf

Customers Reviews

LiveGood Leaf
I jumped on board as an affiliate because the pay plan is like no other, I couldn’t pass it up. I ordered the products, and at 37 years old, I’ve never felt healthier. We are treated like family at LiveGood and I love that the most.

Learn How To Earn With LiveGood

LiveGood offers every member multiple modes of earning income. Learn how to earn as a member today.

been in LiveGood for about 8 weeks. got paid on time. Got help immediately. Products mostly Organic and USDA certified. Prices about 50% less than what's available to me now. Information supplied daily. Free bonus starting to come, so all round, a really good experience.
LiveGood Features

About Live Good

LiveGood Leaf

LiveGood is an MLM company about health and wellness products. Their goal is to provide only the highest quality products sourced from mostly organic and sustainable sources. They offer their promoters (affiliates) a means to earn income from their business. Anyone can join LiveGood to start earning money and/or get discounts on their pristine line of products.

Ways to Earn Income from LiveGood

Through their goods and services, LiveGood offers two methods for people to earn money. The first way is to sell to customers looking to purchase at the retail level directly from you. This means people who buy from you using your unique ID which LiveGood provides, you can make a commission from the total order cost.  The second is to recruit new members and earn commisions on the goods they sell to consumers.

You can join live good to earn up to 50% off the difference in retail and member costs.

Every time you sell a product to your referral, you will receive 50% of the difference between the member and retail rates. In this case, you would make $5 if the member price was $20 and the retail price was $30.

Customers must sign up just like CostCo to receive the member price. However, the 50% commission only applies to customers purchasing at retail prices.

6 Ways To Make Money From LiveGood

Can LiveGood really help you to make money?

The idea of LiveGood is about helping members make money on the side from our program. Accordingly, there are six ways to make money from us.

  1. Weekly Fast Start Commisions: Bonuses for people you hire (or your network of recruits) who become members as well and affiliates.
  2. Matrix commisions are payments based on the $9.95 monthly membership fees of people in your downline or matrix.
  3. Matching bonuses are extra bonuses that are paid on the registration fees of people in your downline or matrix up to five levels deep.
  4. Retail Commissions: If someone buys a product without being a member and pays full price, the difference between the retail price and the membership price is what the commision is based on.
  5. Influencer bonuses: extra retail commisions if certain retail sales amounts are reached.
  6. Diamond bonus pool: all diamond-ranked members will share a bonus worth 2% of the total company sales each month.

That’s it for how to earn from LiveGood. Please come back to see more updates in the future.

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