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Our 300mg chicken-flavored pet formula is made with the same high-quality ingredients and procedures as our human formulas. It can help pets with anxiety, pain relief, and a lot more.

If you have a pet, you should definitely keep a bottle of LiveGood CBD for Pets on hand.


Use the dose guide on the label, which is based on weight. Like people, our pet friends do best when they start small and move slowly. It is better to add to food.

Pro Tip: Don’t let your pet lick the dropper directly, because it could get germs on it and then be put back into the bottle.

1 review for CBD Oil – For Pets

  1. Kaila White

    my dog has severed anxiety, we tried this for her and she hated its taste. but we kept feeding her this for a few weeks, eventually she got used to it and her anxiety levels decreased significantly. Thanks Live Good!

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