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Is LiveGood Legit?

LiveGood is a relatively new company of an MLM nature that started offering its services in 2022. It has become a popular platform for offering high-quality organic nutritional supplements, merchandise and a means to make a considerable side income. 

They aim to offer high-quality products that can help maintain good health on a limited budget. The Company emphasises the need for essential vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy balance which can help fight chronic diseases.   

Why Choose LiveGood?

Here are a few reasons to trust and choose LiveGood.

High-quality ingredients: LiveGood products are made with high-quality ingredients sourced from sustainable farms.

Ethical practices: LiveGood is committed to using sustainable and ethical practices in producing its products.

Variety of products: LiveGood offers a variety of products that can help you live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Compensation plan: LiveGood offers a compensation plan that allows customers to earn money by sharing their products.

Some must-have LiveGood products

You will be surprised to see the highly competitive prices offered by LiveGood compared to the general market. Most network marketing companies typically charge higher rates for their multilevel compensation plans, but LiveGood seems to be truly thinking about the general public’s interest. 

Some of the most popular products offered by LiveGood are:

Earning money with LiveGood

LiveGood also offers a great opportunity to make money with little to no effort. The first way is to promote the products of the Company to potential customers directly which you generate a commission from. The other way is to invite people to join the Company and earn your commission from what they sell. 

The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of LiveGood offers an opportunity to save up to 80% on everyday-use products. It allows members to earn money by promoting products, recruiting new members, and building a team. 

The LiveGood compensation plan is based on a binary matrix. Each member can build two legs or teams. When a member recruits a new member, they are added to one of the teams. The member then earns a commission on all the sales made by their team members. 

Participants can also earn bonuses for reaching sales goals set by the company. LiveGood offers a variety of bonuses, including a Fast Start Bonus, Matching Bonus, and Leadership Bonus.

The LiveGood compensation plan is designed to be simple and easy to understand. The Company believes in making things easier for members to earn money and build a successful business.

Here is a more detailed overview of the LiveGood compensation plan:

Fast Start Bonus: Participants earn a $25 Fast Start Bonus for each new member they recruit who purchases a $49.95 membership. This bonus is paid out the following week.

Matrix Commissions: Members earn a commission on all of the sales by members on their team. The commission rate is 5%. So each time one of your team members makes a sale, you make 5% of the total order.

Matching Bonus: Members earn a matching bonus on the commissions earned by their downline team. The matching bonus rate is 20%.

Leadership Bonus: Members who qualify can earn a Leadership Bonus. The Leadership Bonus is paid out monthly and is based on the total sales volume of the member’s team.

In addition to the compensation plan, LiveGood also offers some other benefits to its members, including:

Free products: Members earn free products when they reach certain sales goals.

Discounts: Members receive discounts on all of the Company’s products.

Training and support: Members can access the Company’s training and support.

Final Judgment: Is it Legit?

Based on the information available about the Company, its products and its users, LiveGood appears to be an authentic brand. The products are undoubtedly high quality and moderately priced. The compensation plan of the Company is also generous. To be clearer, you may try the products yourself and decide if they are really what they say. 


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